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3 Types of Building Signs to Consider in Fullerton CA!

Attract attention to your business with building signs in Fullerton, CA. Our shop designs, builds and installs a wide variety of signage solutions. However, several products stand out when it comes to boosting foot traffic and wayfinding numbers.

1. 3D Letter Building Signs Focus Attention on Font Use and Color Palette

3D Letter Building Signs in Fullerton CA

Business clients look for ways to replicate the corporate persona they depict online. One of the most effective signage options is the design of three-dimensional letters. Materials for these products include metal, acrylic, and outdoor-rated sign foam. Most importantly, these materials are suitable for overlaying with imprinted vinyl when there is a need for a gradient color change.

As a general rule of thumb, clients order building letters up to one inch in depth. Colors typically have a matte finish, which prevents glare from the sunlight or after-hours illumination. Many business owners with wall-mounted building lights favor 3D letters because they do not have to invest in built-in lighting. Best of all, these letters are easy on the budget because you can select a material grade to allow for short-term and long-term signage displays.

2. Channel Letters Combine with Logo Boxes for a Brand-Focused Display of Your Name and Logo

Channel Letter Logo Box Building sign Combos in Fullerton CA

When you do need built-in illumination, consider channel letters. They combine three-dimensional construction with customizable LED placement. A popular option is a front-lit display that lets the light escape through the individual letters’ faces, which results in an attractive brand color focus.

When you have a logo to add to your corporate persona, consider the design of a box cabinet that focuses on the shape and presentation of the colors and forms. These signs typically feature a shape in keeping with your corporate symbol and an imprinted vinyl overlay covering an acrylic or polycarbonate facing. Also illuminated, it looks perfectly in place with channel letters.

Several design details allow for the brand focus of the signage. For example, consider the use of black paint on the letters’ sides to allow for greater color contrast between the building front and the letters’ color palette. Adding colorful LEDs for the support of a brand color is another option.

3. Lightbox Cabinet Signs Encourage Artistic Renditions of a Corporate Persona

Lightbox Cabinet Signs in Fullerton CA

In the past, a cabinet sign was a simple affair. It involved constructing an aluminum frame with built-in LEDs and a polycarbonate front. However, since then, these signs have come a long way. Although geometric shapes are still favored, they are not the only options.

Moreover, facings’ design now allows for colorful renditions of your color palette with vinyl overlays and multicolored LEDs. Additionally, there is the option of installing edge lighting that bathes the cabinet in a soft glow, which further catches the eye.

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Which sign is right for your company? Maybe you are thinking that you want something else altogether. Our sign shop will gladly show you choices that include blade signs, HDU panels, and other products. Call us today and set up an appointment with our design specialist!

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