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3 Ways to Use Cast Metal Letters for Building Signs in Anaheim CA

Metal is one of the most durable materials currently in use for sign making. It looks great even after decades of display on your building. Not surprisingly, SoCal businesses like using it for building signs since it withstands sunshine, the occasional rain, and any sand in the air. One of the latest trends picking up speed is the use of cast metal letter building signs in Anaheim, CA.

Sizes Suit Your Needs

Cast Metal Letter Building Signs in Anaheim CA for Monument Signs

DF Signs & Graphics routinely works with companies that commission cast metal letters measuring between two and 24 inches in height. Depths range from about an inch to three inches. That said, do not let the typical size range limit you. If you need taller letters, our technicians can create them in sections and then combine them so that the seams will be hidden.

Brand-Specific Customization

Metal Letter Building Signs in Anaheim CA for Retail Stores

Unlike flat-cut metal letters, cast metal opens the door to a wide variety of brand-centric display options.

  • Profiles. Sure, our technicians can produce letters with flat faces. However, if you are looking for something a little different, you may do better with round faces. These letters could be perfect for replicating your online presence. By the way, we can also accommodate the need for prismatic faces.
  • Illumination. Unlike channel letters, cast metal letters typically come without lighting. Alternatively, it is possible to add LEDs for a backlit display that creates a stunning halo effect.
  • Custom color matches. No matter what color play you use for your corporate palette, we can match it. In this way, your letters boldly proclaim your brand’s presence. If you prefer that the look of the metal shines through, we can accommodate this preference, too. Opt for brushed, polished, powder-coated, or anodized finishes.

Popular Uses for Cast Metal Letters

Metal Letter Building Signs for Restaurants in Anaheim CA

Cast metal letters for monument signs are easy to maintain, look good, and will retain their excellent presentation for a long time to come. When you want something that you invest in at the onset and then put on the back burner for a long time, consider these products for your next monument project.

Retailers also favor the use of cast metal. They like the products because they suit the architectural details of the settings. Moreover, they install with studs flush to a wall, hang from an overhang, or stand up on a wall. Restaurants have come to appreciate being able to replicate their online presence. Frequently, doing so requires the design of letters with multiple depths and face styles.

How to Buy Cast Metal Letter Building Signs in Anaheim, CA

DF Signs & Graphics serves the business communities in and around Anaheim, Huntington Beach, all the OC, L.A. County, and the rest of Southern California. If you need a sign, we will assist you. We recommend starting the conversation with our graphic artist to determine what type of lettering would be right for you.

Our technicians will gladly visit your location to take measurements and gauge the traffic flow in front of your site. This process enables us to offer advice regarding the best size and color setup. Reach out to us today by calling (562) 760-3161 or connecting online at info@dfsigns.com.

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