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A Guide to Pylon Signs in Anaheim: How Are They Made?

In the past, the pylon was referred to as a highway sign, and you would see few unless you traveled far. Today, they are all across the OC to make anchor stores in malls, specialty retailers, and fast-food restaurants more visible. However, not all pylons are the same. Our guide to pylon signs in Anaheim, CA, answers your questions.

Pylons vs. Monument Signs

Guide to Pylon Signs in Anaheim CA


As a general rule of thumb, the pylon stands tall. Its target audience is the driver or pedestrians who are a few blocks away. In this way, your business stands out from nearby structures, advertisements, and even trees.

In contrast, a monument sign is lower to the ground. It focuses on the consumer who is maybe a half block to one block away. It is not always easily visible if there are plenty of obstructions in place. Moreover, some monument signs do not feature illumination, which is a staple of the pylon.

Illumination Makes the Pylon Stand Out


Taking advantage of durable, budget-friendly LEDs leads to pylons with box cabinets at the top. Often, they feature the company’s name and logo, color play, and a menu of services. When the sign lights up after dark, it becomes a beacon to consumers searching for the products or services.

Our technicians will construct the panel portion using aluminum that we shape into your selected form. Next, we install the LEDs. Finally, we install fronts on both sides of the cabinet. Doing so allows you to address customers traveling from either direction on the street.

Property Managers Use Tall Signs to Draw Attention to the Area

Pylon Signs for Strip Malls in Anaheim CA

Property management companies understand the importance of allowing every tenant to shine. Therefore, they frequently take advantage of the anchor store’s draw to advertise the location as well as the other companies doing business there.

As a result, you might see a pylon featuring multiple box cabinets. The top one focuses on the anchor store and will typically display the brand’s colors and symbol. Underneath, you may see the name of the shopping center or strip mall. There is typically a third cabinet with changeable blade fronts that allow the individual tenants to add their signage.

Some management companies choose to keep the lettering and backdrop in two colors, which gives the sign a neat appearance. Others allow their tenants to capitalize on their branding efforts and allow the sign to feature various fonts, colors, and logos.

Choosing Your Construction Design

Everyone knows the single pole design; however, not everyone likes it. While it looks fantastic in some settings, it might not be a good option with other setups. Our technicians gladly accommodate your taste. A twin-pole mount is an excellent option to give the pylon visual balance. If you do not like the look of metal, why not opt for coverings that might include vinyl, bricks, or stucco? Keep in mind, DF Signs & Graphics also holds a C-45 Sign Contractor’s License, meaning we are licensed to install all electrical signs including pylon signs!

By the way, you might consider accessorizing your pylon with landscaping, flags, banners, and masonry.

Do you still have questions? If our introductory guide to pylon signs in Anaheim, CA, makes you curious to find out more, connect with our sign shop for additional answers!

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