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A Look at ADA Signs, Braille Signs and Room ID Signs in Anaheim CA!

The majority of Anaheim business owners must comply with the rules set forth by The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These govern everything from accessible entryways to room labeling. What are the special rules governing ADA signs, Braille signs, and room ID signs in Anaheim CA?

California Law Requires Special Treatment of Some ADA-Compliant Signs at Your Facility

ADA Signs Braille Signs and Room ID Signs in Anaheim CA

As is the case with so many groundbreaking social movements, the Golden State put together accessible signage rules well in advance of those the federal government proposed. Therefore, local business owners must meet both standards when featuring signage displays at restrooms.

ADA Restroom Signs for Anaheim CA

Whereas standard bathroom signs may feature lettering, symbols, and contrasting colors, California’s accessible signage requires the design of geometric symbols without added pictures. This sign must be mounted to the door. A second, fully ADA-compliant, sign must be installed on the wall next to the door. Moreover, this sign must feature a compliant pictograph, lettering, and Braille II.

Choosing a Material that Lasts and Integrates Well with Other Signage Products

ADA Room ID Signs in Anaheim CA

The technicians at DF Signs & Graphics routinely work with business owners who are looking for excellent value. Therefore, they want signs that can withstand plenty of touching, cleaning, and sanitizing without losing their good looks. We have found that there are several materials that are ideal for this signage use.

  • Brushed aluminum is a highly durable material that is also lightweight and budget-friendly. It allows for the use of several contrast colors, which means that you can incorporate hues from your corporate palette. Moreover, the matte finish of brushed aluminum is in keeping with the non-glare rules the ADA requires.
  • Another durable material is acrylic. It mimics Plexiglas, which makes it suitable for repeat cleaning and sanitizing. Moreover, you can add color to the panel’s back with an imprinted vinyl graphic while displaying 3D letters, graphics, and Braille II on top.
  • Cast metal. One of the most durable and elegant choices is the metal plaque. Its durable life measures in decades, while its good looks will remain in place for at least as long.

How to Buy ADA Signs, Braille Signs, and Room ID Signs in Anaheim CA

ADA Braille Conference Room Signs in Anaheim CA

DF Signs & Graphics is a thought leader in the design, production, and installation of ADA-compliant signage. In addition to the standard room labels, we also offer the availability of interactive labels that allow for sliding components to signify rooms that are occupied or free. In this way, you can add functionality to your compliant signage.

Braille II Signs in Anaheim CA

We recommend beginning your signage order by discussing the product’s design with our graphic artist. This expert can assist you with the incorporation of one or more brand colors while remaining in compliance. If you already have some compliant signs at your location, we can survey the venue to determine what signs you might still need.

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