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A Look at Fabricated Metal Letter Signs for Offices in Irvine CA

There is no substitute for professionally customized office signs. They must present a professional appearance and embrace your brand message. Accomplishing these goals is possible with fabricated metal letter signs in Irvine, CA, office settings. There, these signs make lasting impressions and perfectly encapsulate what your company is all about.

Why Choose a Custom Metal Lobby Sign?

Fabricated Metal Letter Signs in Irvine CA

With the availability of sign foam, acrylic, and PVC, what has so many business owners requesting metal instead? For starters, customizing metal enables you to give the product a distinctive identity. In this way, you tie it to your brand.

While brushed aluminum is a favorite, it is not the only choice. Other examples include cast iron, stainless steel, Cor-Ten steel, brass, and copper. Steel is popular due to the variety of coatings that can result in custom appearances. Manufacturing techniques also play a role.

Consider the option to emboss the metal, flat-cut letters from it, or cast it. Die-cutting is ideal for thinner materials. Stenciling lets our technicians recreate even the most intricate logo portions. Some business owners then ask us to finish off the signage with a unique color coating or enamel.

What sets apart the fabricated letter from so many other types is the hollow space that our technicians develop. This technique allows for the inclusion of illumination and lightens the weight of some more massive setups. As a result, you can have metal logos that are impressive and stunning in their 3D forms.

Fabricated Metal Letter Backlit Lobby Signs? We Do Those!

Illuminated Metal Letter Lobby Signs in Irvine CA

Boost the great depths that metal lettering allows with the addition of standoff mounts. They give the signs the appearance of floating above the wall’s surface. However, there is more that you can do. Consider adding LEDs to the backs of some or all elements of the metal letter sign. It creates a fantastic display that is as professional as it is unusual.

Do you have to add illumination? Of course not! However, the addition of LEDs opens the door to a wide variety of new installation methods. For example, envision a large letter as the illuminated backdrop to which we mount the other letters. The three-dimensional nature of this layered display makes a fantastic first impression.

Fabricated Metal Letters are Not Just for the Lobby

Fabricated metal letter building signs in Irvine Ca

Many business owners find that treating their reception area signage with illumination is a good option. That said, you do not have to limit yourself. For example, envision the display of a lit sign outside your office on a wall near the elevators. Add an arrow for the best results.

What You Can Do with Fabricated Metal Letter Signs in Irvine, CA

With brand encapsulation, these letters look fantastic in lobbies, conference rooms, and meeting spaces while accomplishing brand awareness building goals. Since metal is so durable and efficiently retains its great looks, they are also suitable for outdoors. Use fabricated metal letter signs for building walls, on monument signs, and in foyers.

Connect with us today to find out how the addition of fabricated metal lettering could be ideal for your company!

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