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A Look at Gemini’s LUXE™ Lineup of Illuminated Letters for Your Building in Buena Park!

You are undoubtedly already familiar with the Gemini line of dimensional letters. They combine outstanding looks with durability and customization. However, did you know that the manufacturer has introduced a line of Gemini’s LUXE™ illuminated letters in Buena Park, CA? Here is how your business could benefit from investing in this signage innovation.

There is Nothing Standard about LUXE™ Letters

Gemini's LUXE™ Illuminated Letters in Buena Park CA

It is fair to say that this product is taking the three-dimensional building or lobby letter sign to the next level. You can tell the difference as soon as you enter a business that has selected these 3D letters for their branding and marketing.

  • Upscale. These letters are chic and ideal for the exclusive setting of a restaurant, boutique, or retail environment. You already know that Gemini excels at producing letters that look perfect. The LUXE™ line has focused its attention on seamless acrylic manufacture.
  • Brand-centric. Because these letters have adopted a 1.5-inch profile with focused edges, they are suitable for introducing multiple brand colors. Besides that, they heighten the impression your selected font makes.
  • Lifetime warranties. You already expect Gemini to stand behind its products. The LUXE™ line is no exception. Enjoy a lifetime warranty on letters and logos. The illumination components have a four-year warranty.

LUXE™ Takes Illumination to a New Level

LUXE Illuminated Letters in Buena Park CA

What business owners like is the attention to illumination. Because lighted signs get attention, the company has worked diligently on finding subtle ways of standing out from surrounding businesses that might have invested in channel letters or similar products. A significant emphasis on light diffusion improvement has resulted in 3D letters with an even glow that seems brighter.

Moreover, you can now choose different illumination options that each have their unique merit. A case in point is the return-lit letter that causes the individual elements’ shapes to stand out. If you want the light to emanate through the sides and front, choose the precision white setup. That said, you can still pick the face-lit appearance that allows light to escape through translucent vinyl faces.

Illuminated Channel Letters for Buena Park CA

Even the backlit models have undergone an upgrade. The halo-lit letter now presents with painted returns and faces as well as a translucent acrylic back. If you like the best of both worlds, chose the face and back-lit display that lets lighting escape through fronts and backs but restricts the sides through painted returns. A final option is a trim-less back with painted returns but a translucent acrylic back that sticks out.

Explore New Color Plays with Gemini’s LUXE™ Illuminated Letters in Buena Park, CA

Channel Letter Signs in Buena Park CA

Have you been getting by with the standard white LEDs all this time? There is nothing wrong with this approach. However, the LUXE™ line of 3D letters invites you to investigate your options. Possible LED colors include red, warm white, blue, and green. Mix and match LEDs for additional color plays. For the business owner who has been looking to boost brand awareness, this line of letters could be the ideal product. Contact our graphic artist today to see what the letters could look like on your façade!

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