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A Look at the Class and Distinction of Gemini Letters and Logos in Anaheim CA!

When pizzazz, chic, and elegance are elements of your brand story, you need signage to encapsulate this message. Gemini letters and logos in Anaheim, CA, could be precisely what you are looking for. Which setup might be ideal for your business?

Customization is Guaranteed

Gemini Letters and Logos in Anaheim CA


Are you looking for a way to underscore your chosen font? Cast bronze and aluminum make it possible. Technicians work from the onset on designing a brand-focused product that perfectly replicates the font and spacing you have chosen for your company’s name and other lettering. From there, they amplify the effect with a finish of your choice. Opt for oxidized, polished, or anodized presentations.

There is More to 3D

Gemini Cast Metal Logo Signs in Anaheim CA


You are familiar with the three-dimensional letters that our shop routinely creates. Depending on the material selection, they impress with thicknesses of up to one inch. Moreover, our specialists flat-cut the products for stunningly crisp edges. However, there is another choice when selecting the 3D look.

Gemini Flat Cut Metal Letter Signs in Anaheim CA


Fabricated or cast letters open the door to a display that not everyone has. Envision sizes that range from two inches to 24. An addition of LEDs is a possibility for illumination. Moreover, when you choose the casting method for a logo, you can increase the size to 64 inches. In addition, there is the opportunity for cutouts or artistic indentations.

Cast letters also offer the option of a profile change. You no longer have to select the crisp edges of the flat-cut display. Instead, choose from rounded or prismatic faces. Some clients have had excellent success with sculpted faces, which is part of a full customization process.

Why Illumination Matters

Gemini Halo Lit Letters and Logos in Anaheim CA


Gemini letters and logos can be designed with the installation of LEDs in mind. The result is a halo effect that bathes the lettering and other style elements in a soft light. If you prefer a more defined halo, we can adjust the distance between the letters and the wall, which changes the halo’s smooth or pointed look. If you favor specific brand colors, consider having us use colorful LEDs versus bright white ones.

Should You Paint Your Gemini Letters and Logos in Anaheim, CA?


For most clients, the color or finish selection is one of the most challenging decisions. Metal looks fantastic in its own right. That said, you might feel more comfortable with a display of your corporate color palette. It is easy to paint metal. Technicians will fully customize the look of the letters to match your sales collateral or online presence.


However, if you prefer to keep the metallic display, why not choose a finish that brings out its unique tone? Brushed, polished, buffed, or oxidized finishes bring out the nuances that make the metals stand out. For letters with prismatic faces, these treatments result in truly classy displays.

When you are ready for the installation of the letters, our team will assist you. We can mount them flat to a substrate, stand them up, or hang them from an overhang. By the way, if you select illumination with the letters, we will use standoffs to create the halo. Call us today to discuss your next order of dimensional letters!




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