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Accounting Firm Brands with LED Push-Through Channel Letters in El Segundo CA

Beach, Freeman, Lim & Cleland, LLP is an accounting firm that does business under the BFLC logo brand. The company assists entrepreneurs with business formations and other financial concerns and planning needs. When the company decided to commission LED push-through channel letters in El Segundo CA, for its building front, a management team representative contacted DF Signs & Graphics for assistance.

Creating a Visually Stunning Brand Presentation with Channel Letters

LED Push-Through Channel Letters in El Segundo CA

The sign’s design begins with a brushed aluminum panel. Our technicians cut out openings in the shape and size of the channel letters that the client requested. We pushed them through these openings, which creates an attractive three-dimensional display.

The corporate colors are the same that the firm’s customers remember from the company’s online presence. To assist with brand knowledge, we spelled out the company’s name right underneath the logo portion in the same way as the website setup presents. After dark, the internal LED illumination lights up the style elements and allows the sign to become a beacon.

Why Choose a Panel Display?

Channel Letters El Segundo CA

It is fair to say that the panel presentation is not as common as other display choices. Some business clients choose this display option when the colors of the style elements are too similar to the tones of the wall. Others might go this route when the façade’s design does not permit for the intricacies of the installation. For example, the accounting firm would have had a difficult time spacing the style elements to fit above or below the grooves of the façade design.

Of course, you might also select the panel display option for visual aesthetics. Some business owners decide to add several decorative panels to their building fronts that they ask us to cut into niche-specific shapes. After painting them in the corporate tones, they underscore the brand message that the central panel features.

Other Channel Letter Installation Options

Illuminated Letters El Segundo CA

By far the most common mounting technique is the flush mount. We install each letter individually to the wall. A technician accesses them from behind the façade to hook up the illumination. In the case of halo-lit lettering, we install each letter with standoffs that provide the two-inch space you need for the light to reflect off the façade.

When your building wall does not support a flush-mount technique, we recommend the raceway. It consists of a long, slim box that contains all the electrical wiring. We mount the back of the box to the wall with just a few screws. Next, we add the letters and logo elements to the front of the box, which opens with a hinge. If the sign ever needs servicing, the hinge lets the technician access the wiring.

Buying LED Push-Through Channel Letters in El Segundo CA

Are you thinking of following the lead of BFLC? Our sign shop gladly assists you with all types of channel letter products. If you are unsure how you want the sign to look, entrust our experts with the design challenge. We help you envision what the finished product looks like. Contact us today to start the process!

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