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Are Your Channel Letters the Right Color? Does the Afterimage Stay with the Viewer?

Channel Letter Afterimage in Anaheim CAColor is an essential aspect of successful marketing and branding. Have you ever wondered why some companies choose to step away from their brand colors for building signage? Most importantly, why do they do so when investing in channel letters in Anaheim, CA? It has to do with image and afterimage. Here is what you need to know.

Channel Letters are Popular

Look around. You will notice that front-lit channel letters are among the most popular building signage products currently on facades. Therefore, it is possible to lose your message among so many competitors also opting for a sign product you are choosing. As a result, some business clients are stepping away from their brand colors when it is not in their best interest to display them.

Complementary Colors for Daytime Signage Views

Channel Letter Signs in Anaheim CA

If your channel letters are getting the majority of their views during the daytime, it is good to focus on the use of complementary colors. Do you remember the old-fashioned color wheel you last saw at the paint store? It is an excellent tool for finding perfect color pairs by looking at the tone that is opposite the one you are choosing.

Examples include blue and orange, red and green, or yellow and violet. Now, check the color of the façade. The mounting area is the color that you have to complement. If you are working with a red brick façade, green lettering could be ideally suited. Of course, if you are dealing with a neutral color that does not show up on the wheel, you need to think differently.

Anaheim CA Channel Letter Signs

For example, any bold and dark color goes well on a white building front. The same is true for beige and similar colors. However, pay attention to the overall makeup of the façade. If there is another predominant color – awnings, window frames, or similar elements – you may be able to play off this tone. Follow these directions, and you will succeed at getting the attention of passersby.

Catering to the Afterimage

Halo-Lit Channel Letters in Anaheim CA

Afterimage is a word. It refers to the retina’s photochemical activity that helps the eye maintain the image it just saw for a brief period. This occurs even when the customer is no longer looking at your sign or has closed their eyes. This optical illusion maintains your sign’s image in the consumer’s head. Not surprisingly, it is a favorite of advertising companies looking to introduce a new company to an already vibrant business community.

What Does This Mean When Buying Channel Letters in Anaheim, CA?

Channel Letter Afterimage in Anaheim CA

Why is it important to consider colors, illumination, and façade tones when buying channel letters? For starters, these considerations will help you stand out. Envision a large white sign against a black façade. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also creates the type of afterimage that makes your name familiar.

Channel Letters with Logo Boxes in Anaheim CA

The same goes for a set of blue channel letters that offset a beige building front with an orange hue. In the same way, they can play off an orange with some red tones. While there are no hard and fast rules, it is easy to see how these signage choices can help you stand out – even if everyone else on the block is also advertising with channel letters.

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