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Anaheim’s retailers thrive on the impulse buy. The goal is to persuade an existing buyer to purchase another product to complement the sale. However, did you know that it is advantageous to encourage the impulse stop for the impulse buys to take place? And, for this to work, you cannot go wrong with effective exterior signs for retailers in Anaheim, CA.

The Connection between Custom Signs and the Impulse Stop

Custom Signs for Retailers in Anaheim CA

Nothing catches the eye of the consumer more effectively than an illuminated sign that stands out. Taking this literally, some business clients have had excellent success with the use of panel signs that mount perpendicular to the wall. Not only do they appeal to passersby from either direction of the sidewalk, but also to motorists. In this way, the sign complements a building marker that is mounted to the façade itself.

By introducing the business’s presence to consumers, it is far more likely for them to become shoppers. Therefore, in addition to wayfinding, the sign is a great advertisement that can affect consumer behavior. This is advantageous for you because it can introduce new customers to your location, who then become repeat shoppers.

Customize Exterior Illumination with Channel Letters

Channel Letters for Retailers in Anaheim CA

As we have already discussed, lighted signage puts you at an advantage. For starters, it always attracts attention. Moreover, illuminated signs work well after dark when you are still open for business. Many business owners request the design of channel letters because they allow for different illumination styles.

Front-lit letters focus the customer’s attention on your corporate color play and font. Halo-lit illumination is an attractive way to feature the sign’s setup as a whole, which directs the eye toward the font and spacing.

Of course, there is no limit to the creativity that our technicians can put into the sign. Examples might include the use of box cabinet and letter combos, color changes, white or colorful LEDs, and even the accentuating of the letters’ sides with a different color. Some clients request a combination of front and halo-lit designs to boost the great looks of each setup.

Building Signs Must Meet Wayfinding Needs

Building signs for retailers in Anaheim CA

When you do business in a strip mall or business park, it is essential that prospective customers can find you. We recommend signage customization that identifies your location in a way that fits in with your building’s architectural details. At the same time, you need to stand out to catch the attention of the shopper.

Plenty of companies have had good results with building panels. These might consist of acrylic or metal panels with imprinted vinyl overlays or 3D letters. Consider the addition of your logo to boost brand awareness. We can customize the material setup, design, shape, and even mounting style to make a great first impression.

How to Buy Exterior Signs for Retailers in Anaheim, CA

Channel Letter Signs

Do you already have some specs on hand? Maybe you have seen signage products that you think could work well for the façade of your building. We gladly work with the design ideas you have. If you are not yet sure what setup is right for you, entrust the design of your exterior signs to our specialists. Connect with us today to see what we can do!

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