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Backlit Lobby Signs Shine for EVA Air in Los Angeles County CA

Our team receives more and more requests for backlit lobby signs in Los Angeles County, CA, and the surrounding areas. In part, the chic presentation persuades clients to upgrade their signage products in this way. However, there is also the consideration that illumination is a fantastic way to underscore a brand message while giving the consumer the eye candy necessary to make a great impression.

Case Study: EVA Air

Backlit Lobby Signs in Los Angeles CA

Our sign company has been partnering with the company on several projects. For example, we designed, produced, and installed a high-rise illuminated building sign. Next, we completed a project for stud-mounted stainless steel suite numbers. Now, we focused on the fabrication of highly unusual lobby sign components.

For starters, these letters measure 12 inches in height and are 1 ¾ inches deep. Technicians cut each letter from a 1 ½ inch thick solid sheet of white translucent acrylic. We then used the router to hollow out the material and leave a wall measuring 3/16 inches. This design set the stage for fantastic edge lighting that envelops the entire return of the letter.

Illuminated Lobby Signs in Los Angeles CA

To underscore the elegance and chic the client was looking for, we fabricated 12-inch-tall and ¼-inch-thick polished stainless steel facings. Our technicians mounted them to the fronts of the letters. Now, the sign greets visitors to the lobby with illumination from bright white LEDs and chic reflections off the stainless steel. It is a perfect look that encapsulates the company’s overall brand message.

Other Options for Backlit Reception Area Signs

Los Angeles CA Lobby Signs

EVA Air is an excellent example of the ongoing trend that focuses on the use of LEDs in lobby sign design. That said, you have other presentation options as well.

  • Edge-lit logo boards. If you prefer the look of a lobby logo board to dimensional letters, we can accommodate your decision. By choosing a dark color for acrylic or the use of metal, it is possible to hide LEDs behind the edges of the material. In this way, the light bathes the board – or parts of it – in a soft glow.
  • Scaled-down channel letters. Another option is the display of channel letters. They consist of scaled-down designs featuring aluminum and polycarbonate backings. Our team can install them to the focal wall of the office.
  • Push-through acrylic lettering. If you are looking for something completely different, consider installing an aluminum board that features push-through acrylic letters. By adjusting the depths of the lettering, we can control the brightness of the illumination.

Do You Want Backlit Lobby Signs in Los Angeles County, CA?

Corporate Lobby Signs in Los Angeles CA

They look great in the reception area as well as in conference rooms and other meeting spaces. Our team routinely works with SoCal clients searching for ways to differentiate their brands from others in the same field. Impressive signage that makes an impact at first glance is an excellent way to go about it.

If you are not sure what your signage should look like, we can help. Work with our graphic artist to discover how you could feature your lettering and logo by including lighting. Call us today!

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