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Make a Great First Impression with Corporate Lobby Signs in Anaheim CA

Is your corporation leveraging its symbol, font, and color combination to its greatest advantage? Unless you are capitalizing on the play of these style elements to create and communicate a brand story, you could be missing out. Excellent examples are the design options for corporate lobby signs in Anaheim, CA.

Why the Design of a Corporate Lobby Sign Matters

Orange County Lobby Signs

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How are Backer Panels Used with Channel Letters in Anaheim?

Backer panels for channel letters in Anaheim, CA, are a popular design trend. Sure, our sign shop still receives plenty of projects that focus on flush mounts, but the numbers of backer panel jobs are increasing. What is a backer panel? How could it make a significant difference in the presentation of your brand message today?

Backer Panels and Channel Letters are a Winning Combination

Channel Letter Signs with Backer Panels in Anaheim CA

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Anaheim CA – Why Is Pixel Pitch Important in LED Signs?

Are you thinking about investing in LED signage for your business? More and more companies are doing so. Already, there are plenty of financial institutions, car dealerships, and shopping centers that are using this technology to their advantage. However, shopping for these signs can be confusing. For example, what is the ideal pixel pitch in LED signs in Anaheim, CA?

What is Pixel Pitch?

Pixel Pitch in LED Signs in Anaheim CA

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