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Building Signs

3D Building Letters in Brea CAThe very first sign consumers notice is your exterior sign. Because we specialize in building signs, we have a lot to offer to our customers. We also understand the need for a superior, eye-grabbing sign that portrays what your business does, your font, and corporate colors. Our custom-designed signs are fabricated using our in-depth conversation with you during our initial consultation.

Types of Building Signs

  • Dimensional Letters – Also known as 3D Letter building signs, letters can be made from foam, acrylic, plastic, wood, metal, PVC and many other materials. 3D Letters are fabricated using your company font to help your immediately brand on the front of your building.
  • Panel Signs with Letters – Panels are made with high-density urethane (HDU) or other materials including aluminum and metal. Letters are added to the panel and the panel is mounted on your facade.
  • Blade Signs – Think of this type of building sign as a hanging sign. They can be attached to your building or affixed to a sidearm made of aluminum or metal.
  • Routed Signs -Routed signs can be constructed from PVC, HDU high-density foam,
    wood, acrylic, or avonite solid surface material.

Our signs for buildings can be installed high or low as we offer the best fleet of equipment to install your sign on the side, facade or top of your building.

We can also use your artwork or design a sign for you. Have a franchise? We happily work with franchisees to create required signs for their buildings. Need multi-site signage? We’re here to help!

Areas We Serve

From our offices in Huntington Beach, California, we serve all of Orange County, Los Angeles County and Southern, California.

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