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Backlit Signs

Backlit Lobby Signs Shine for EVA Air in Los Angeles County CA

Our team receives more and more requests for backlit lobby signs in Los Angeles County, CA, and the surrounding areas. In part, the chic presentation persuades clients to upgrade their signage products in this way. However, there is also the consideration that illumination is a fantastic way to underscore a brand message while giving the consumer the eye candy necessary to make a great impression.

Case Study: EVA Air

Backlit Lobby Signs in Los Angeles CA

Our sign company has been partnering with the company on several projects. For example, we designed, produced, and installed a high-rise illuminated building sign. Next, we completed a project for stud-mounted stainless steel suite numbers. Now, we focused on the fabrication of highly unusual lobby sign components.

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How Backlit Signs in Orange County CA Help Businesses Shine!

When standing out is the name of the game, you cannot go wrong with backlit signs in Orange County, CA. They combine an air of sophistication with pizzazz and chic. Most importantly, they can make your signage stand out among a host of front-lit presentations. Here is what you need to know about this signage setup.

How Backlit Signs Work

Backlit Signs in Orange County CA: Reverse Lit Channel Letters

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