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Channel Letters

What’s the Difference Between Raceway Mounted Channel Letters and Wireway Mounted Channel Letters?

As sign technology moves ahead, your choices for effective signage solutions increase. Whereas in the past, you may have picked between channel letters and a lightbox cabinet, you now have new options. Cases in point are raceway-mounted letters vs. wireway-mounted letters in Anaheim, CA. Which installation method is right for your current building front?

When a Flush-Mount is Not for You or Your Lease Says Otherwise

How are Illuminated Letters Mounted?

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How are Backer Panels Used with Channel Letters in Anaheim?

Backer panels for channel letters in Anaheim, CA, are a popular design trend. Sure, our sign shop still receives plenty of projects that focus on flush mounts, but the numbers of backer panel jobs are increasing. What is a backer panel? How could it make a significant difference in the presentation of your brand message today?

Backer Panels and Channel Letters are a Winning Combination

Channel Letter Signs with Backer Panels in Anaheim CA

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Are Your Channel Letters the Right Color? Does the Afterimage Stay with the Viewer?

Channel Letter Afterimage in Anaheim CAColor is an essential aspect of successful marketing and branding. Have you ever wondered why some companies choose to step away from their brand colors for building signage? Most importantly, why do they do so when investing in channel letters in Anaheim, CA? It has to do with image and afterimage. Here is what you need to know.

Channel Letters are Popular

Look around. You will notice that front-lit channel letters are among the most popular building signage products currently on facades. Therefore, it is possible to lose your message among so many competitors also opting for a sign product you are choosing. As a result, some business clients are stepping away from their brand colors when it is not in their best interest to display them.

Complementary Colors for Daytime Signage Views

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