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Donor Walls

Acrylic Panel Donor Wall in Ontario CA Stands Out for Local Church!

The Banal Na Pag-aaral has a long-standing history in Ontario. Generations of faithful members contributed to the growth of the BNP. To commemorate this legacy, the congregation contacted our sign shop to discuss the creation of an acrylic panel donor wall in Ontario CA.

Presenting a Legacy Wall to Underscore Dedication, Contribution, and Vision

Acrylic Panel Donor Wall in Ontario CA

Our team worked with the church leadership to put together a tasteful presentation that would do justice to the commitment of the congregation. We designed a legacy wall that consists of a transparent acrylic panel. It features more than 1,500 engraved brass donor nameplates.

Each of these displays with the same size for a substantial visual impact. Next, we designed and manufactured dimensional aluminum letter headers for each section. The combination of the style elements looks tasteful in the building’s foyer. Most importantly, it sets the tone for a meeting space that welcomes faithful members of the congregation. Similarly, it focuses the individual’s attention on the church’s mission.

Donor Recognition Takes on Many Forms

Donor Walls for Churches Ontario CA

There are multiple ways of acknowledging donors and their contributions to your organization. Doing so encourages others to step up and take ownership of the progress you are making. Similarly, it is a strong reminder that it takes a community of like-minded individuals to make a vision come true. Take a page from the playbook of BNP Church, and select a style that includes engraved nameplates. There are also other options.

  • Donor trees. This setup combines multiple materials. The trunk section might consist of sign foam or actual wood. The leaves of the tree identify the individual donors. Opt for metal or acrylic mini plaques. The advantage of this setup is the expansion potential of the configuration.
  • Wall graphics. Another option is the wall graphic. Choose a wall wrap or combination of graphics and lettering. Dedicate an entire wall to the recognition of donors with your entity’s name, logo, and mission statement featuring prominently. Corporate donors may see their names and logos depicted while individuals receive personal name recognition.
  • Box cabinets. Underscore the importance of your donors by having their names imprinted on vinyl overlays. These attach to transparent polycarbonate sheets that the team uses as fronts for thin indoor lightbox cabinets. Because of the built-in LEDs, the names shine brightly, and you call attention to the fact that donors are instrumental for your organization.

Who Benefits from the Installation of Donor Walls in Ontario CA?

Donor Walls for Nonprofits Ontario CA

Worship facilities use this method to memorialize financial or in-kind contributions from members. Frequently, these donations mark the beginning of a building fund or highlight the send-out of a mission team for the creation of a sister church. Museums use these products to show appreciation for founding members and those who assist with expansions. Often, you see a mix of corporate donors as well as families.

Some facilities split up the two by having a dedicated corporate donor wall as well as floor graphics for private individuals. You might see something similar in libraries and hospitals, too. Almost all nonprofit organizations can benefit from donor walls, even if they are just starting out.

Discuss Your Preferred Design with the Experts Today

Our experts gladly assist you with the design of your donor recognition project. Whether you are thinking of nameplates for a foyer, a tree for a lobby, or something altogether different, we can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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