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Lobby Signs

A Look at Fabricated Metal Letter Signs for Offices in Irvine CA

There is no substitute for professionally customized office signs. They must present a professional appearance and embrace your brand message. Accomplishing these goals is possible with fabricated metal letter signs in Irvine, CA, office settings. There, these signs make lasting impressions and perfectly encapsulate what your company is all about.

Why Choose a Custom Metal Lobby Sign?

Fabricated Metal Letter Signs in Irvine CA

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Give Your Reception Area Some Pizzazz with These Lobby Sign Ideas in Irvine CA!

Focusing the customer’s attention on your brand message is not a one-time deal. Instead, it is an opportunity that you can take advantage of. By promoting your brand with signs throughout the office, store, or facility, you reinforce name recognition and brand knowledge. Here are some lobby sign ideas in Irvine, CA, that could be perfectly suited for your company.

Create a Branding Environment with a 3D Letter Logo Lobby Sign

3D Letter Lobby Logo Signs in Irvine CA


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Backlit Lobby Signs Shine for EVA Air in Los Angeles County CA

Our team receives more and more requests for backlit lobby signs in Los Angeles County, CA, and the surrounding areas. In part, the chic presentation persuades clients to upgrade their signage products in this way. However, there is also the consideration that illumination is a fantastic way to underscore a brand message while giving the consumer the eye candy necessary to make a great impression.

Case Study: EVA Air

Backlit Lobby Signs in Los Angeles CA

Our sign company has been partnering with the company on several projects. For example, we designed, produced, and installed a high-rise illuminated building sign. Next, we completed a project for stud-mounted stainless steel suite numbers. Now, we focused on the fabrication of highly unusual lobby sign components.

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