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Pylon Signs

A Guide to Pylon Signs in Anaheim: How Are They Made?

In the past, the pylon was referred to as a highway sign, and you would see few unless you traveled far. Today, they are all across the OC to make anchor stores in malls, specialty retailers, and fast-food restaurants more visible. However, not all pylons are the same. Our guide to pylon signs in Anaheim, CA, answers your questions.

Pylons vs. Monument Signs

Guide to Pylon Signs in Anaheim CA


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Lawndale Target Center Illuminates with Pylon Signs and Tenant Channel Letter Signs!

The King of Wings and Cash 1 are both tenants at the Lawndale Target Center. Located at 14310 Hawthorne Boulevard, these venues are high-traffic draws. When they needed new signage, the venue’s management team had us come out and design, fabricate and install channel letters and pylon signs for strip malls in Lawndale, CA.

Eye-Catching Signage Beckons Customers to Stop By

Pylon Signs for Strip Malls in Lawndale CA

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