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Custom Metal Plaques in Orange County CA Have a Variety of Uses!

Is there anything more sophisticated than the display of custom metal plaques in Orange County, CA, venues? If you have never considered adding one to your signage setup, you might be missing out. Here are some ideas of what you could accomplish with these chic sign options.

Recognize Outstanding Members of Your Organization

Employee Recognition Plaques Orange County CA

A plaque is an excellent way of recognizing hard work, dedication, and results. Besides that, displaying these types of plaques in your lobby or hallways is a unique method for introducing customers to your staff members. There are options when you want to go this route.

Custom Metal Plaques in Orange County CA

  • Cast plaque with a bronze finish. This product displays the employee’s likeness with clear and shaded areas. There is plenty of space to show the name, year, and your corporate persona.
  • Cast aluminum plaque with a photo insert. Showcase a corporate headshot of the employee that is framed by a cast aluminum plaque. We can paint the metal in any color you like. For example, you might want to make it look like copper.
  • Etched plaque with cast details. When you want the best of both worlds, we recommend displaying the employee’s name with the 3D rendition that casting enables. The photo portion looks excellent with an etched interpretation of the image.

Appreciate the Generosity of Donors

Donor Wall Plaques in Orange County CA

Do you operate a non-profit organization? Many projects would not be possible without the dedicated financial and in-kind support of donors. Churches, schools, community organizations, and volunteer groups can encourage donors to continue their support by recognizing them.

In the same way, these donor walls could also encourage others to begin contributing to your cause. The traditional donor wall features a dimensional letter heading and a large number of small plaques that can be individually engraved as supporters come forward.

Another option is the customization of a wall display that features a plaque wall with mini flat-cut aluminum letters. By displaying these in different colors and font heights, you create a visually enticing image that catches the attention of anyone who walks past it.

Select Metal Plaques as Orange County Building Signage

Exterior Metal Plaques in Orange County CA

You do not have to rely on the typical channel letter, dimensional letter, or lightbox cabinet setup. There are plenty of companies that prefer to feature elegant signage at the entry points to their venues. A cast metal plaque creates an impressive three-dimensional design of the lettering and symbol. We can set it apart from the backdrop by adding texturing and color.

In contrast, an etched building sign is an excellent choice when you want to feature not only your corporate details but also a highly-defined image. In doing so, you succeed in catching the attention of passersby. They will step closer to see what your signage is talking about. Most importantly, you can incorporate such details as a founding date or similar item.

Some companies have had excellent success by moving away from the standard geometric shape and instead commissioning a custom design. For example, our technicians could put together a plaque that displays a portion of your corporate logo as part of the design itself. From there, we can cast the product but leave room for the inclusion of color photos. This is a fantastic building sign that introduces your company even as it greets those who walk up to the entrance.

Order Custom Metal Plaques in Orange County, CA

You have seen what we can do with the simple use of metals and custom manufacturing methods. How do you envision your next use of a metal plaque? What do you want us to help you accomplish with this signage solution?

Call us today to talk about the options!

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