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Electrical Signs

C-45 Electrical Sign Licenses in CaliforniaWhen you think of illuminated or electrical signs, you might think of channel letters but there are many types of electrical signs. At DF Signs & Graphics we possess the required C45 Sign License. Why is this so important? Only sign companies with the C45 designation are permitted to install electric signage. There are many fly-by-night sign companies that say they can install or repair an electric sign, but if they don’t have the required licensing, you’ll want to skip those right off!

Types of Electrical Signs

An example of these types of signs include:

  • Lightbox Cabinet Signs
  • Illuminated Cabinet Logos
  • GemLite Logo Signs
  • Pylon Signs
  • Illuminated Letters
  • Digital Signage
  • Electrical Sign Refurbishing and Repair
  • And more!

Our Process

Working with our clients, we develop concrete plans for fabrication. No matter what type of electrical sign it is, we assess your building and all electrical needs to ensure your building is equipped with the right amperage for the sign. Once fabricated, these signs are expertly installed by our C-45 licensed technicians.

Much like the other signage we fabricate, these signs can also be formed to your company font, color, and logo.


Many cabinet and pylon signs already in place simply need to be refurbished. This means checking out the electrical components inside and then installing new sign panels.

Areas We Serve

From our home office in Huntington Beach, California we serve Orange County, Los Angeles County, and Southern, California.

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Pylon Signs

Crosswalk Signage

Pylon Signs

GemLite Square Logo Sign

GemLite Round Logo Sign

GemLite Square Illuminated Logo Sign

GemLite Round Illuminated Logo Sign



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