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Formed Plastic Logos for the Medical Industry in Orange County CA

Creating an inviting atmosphere in your medical office, lobby, pharmacy, or veterinary practice does not have to be expensive. Budget-friendly signage and formed plastic logos for the medical industry are excellent options. They are durable, surprisingly inexpensive, and highly effective for brand building and advertising. What are your options?

Impact-Resistant Rod of Asclepius is Customizable for Your Field

Formed plastic logos for the medical industry

Do you provide emergency services? The Star of Life with the rod of Asclepius is a good choice. We can customize the rod to integrate the letter “V” for veterinary science. These signs can take a bump and not break. This durability is due to the material, cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB), which is used to manufacture the formed plastic.

Mount a Caduceus Indoors or Outdoors to Invite Patients

Logo Signs for Dentists in California

If your practice favors the caduceus over the rod of Asclepius, we can accommodate you. Imagine displaying this sign intertwined with your field’s symbolism. Examples include the caduceus with the letters “DDS” for a dentist or eyeglasses as a logo for an optometrist’s practice. CAB is weather-resistant, making it suitable for displays that go on the outside of the clinic or in its interior.

Pigmented Plastic and Various Font Options Combine to Create Wayfinding Tools for Consumers

Logo Signs for Pharmacies in California

Pharmacies frequently operate as stand-alone storefronts, inside of medical office buildings, or as parts of other retail settings. Guide customers to your location with colorful symbols of your trade. Examples include the mortar and pestle as well as the stylized lettering “RX.” Choose from a broad range of colors or have our team custom-match your unique paint. Moreover, you can pick out an attractive font or have technicians custom-mold the product in your type.

Understand the Impact of a Logo in the Medical Field

Formed Plastic Logos for Doctor Offices in California

Patients in need of medical care may not be looking for your office’s name. Rather, they might be searching for a logo. Once again, they are not always on the lookout for your unique corporate symbol but rather a sign that reveals your practice’s emphasis. This is where formed plastic logos that embrace medical symbolism are extremely helpful.

Why Pick Formed Plastic Instead of Metal or Acrylic?

Formed Plastic Logos for Doctors in Southern CA

Metal and acrylic are superior materials for sign making. We highly recommend them for the lobby and building signs. However, formed plastic is also quite long-lasting and customizable. Besides that, it is budget-friendly, which comes in handy when you are investing in other signage products as well.

Best of all, we can make the formed plastic look like metal with the application of a chrome cover. Therefore, if you have your heart set on metallic logo displays, you can still enjoy the savings that formed plastics bring to the table.

How to Buy Your Formed Plastic Logos for the Medical Industry

Our sign shop works with business clients in and around Fullerton, Anaheim, Irvine, Orange County, CA, and Southern CA. We have an in-house graphic artist who will gladly assist you with the design of the formed plastic products so that they fit in perfectly with any signage you already have on-site. Contact us today! Call us at 562-760-3161!

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