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Give Your Reception Area Some Pizzazz with These Lobby Sign Ideas in Irvine CA!

Focusing the customer’s attention on your brand message is not a one-time deal. Instead, it is an opportunity that you can take advantage of. By promoting your brand with signs throughout the office, store, or facility, you reinforce name recognition and brand knowledge. Here are some lobby sign ideas in Irvine, CA, that could be perfectly suited for your company.

Create a Branding Environment with a 3D Letter Logo Lobby Sign

3D Letter Lobby Logo Signs in Irvine CA


The lobby sign welcomes the customer to your location. It sets the tone for the consumer’s experience there. Besides that, it allows you to remind the shopper what your brand is all about. Therefore, we recommend beginning with an emphasis on brand color and letter font.

Three-dimensional letters give you a chance to make this point. They jut out from the wall and are suitable for large or small spaces. Best of all, they perfectly combine with a logo that uses the same display style. We recommend metal, acrylic, PVC, or sign foam to create the individual style elements. From there, we can paint them, add laminates, or install imprinted vinyl overlays.

Flush mounts are a favorite of the businesses we work with. However, we also accommodate spacers, standoffs, and top or bottom mounts for added pizzazz.

Get the Customer to Interact with Your Brand via Mixed Media Lobby Signs

Mixed Media Lobby Signs in Irvine CA


Do you have to limit yourself to 3D letters? Of course not! A growing movement is viewing the lobby sign as an opportunity for artistic expression with a firm nod to the brand message a company favors. Mixed media signs may incorporate three-dimensional letters, acrylic panel-mounted prints, standoffs, or something else altogether.

The trick here is to decide on the brand aspect you want to highlight. For example, you can showcase your fearless creativity by displaying high-depth 3D letters on a wall that features a similar color. Break up the monotony with colorful prints or wall graphics that embrace your secondary brand colors. When you have a larger space to work with, this could be an excellent option.

Identify a State-of-the-Art Brand with Backlit Lobby Signs on Sales or Welcome Counters

Lobby Sign Ideas in Irvine CA


Here is something you do not see every day. And this is the point. Wall mounts are the norm for lobby signage installation. However, some perceptive business owners are now experimenting with different brand interactions. They emphasize a brand message at the reception desk level with color plays, lettering, and illumination.

The light gets the attention of the visitor. Moreover, the chic combination of style elements makes this design memorable above many other possible signage setups. Best of all, you can be sure that the customer will be face to face with your sign while waiting to connect with a brand representative. When you want to go for the gusto, this is a good option.

Do You Need More Lobby Sign Ideas in Irvine, CA?

Our sign shop does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Rather, we realize that full customization is what sets you apart and allows your brand to flourish. Find out more about lobby sign options that are open to you. Contact us today!

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