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Your signs tell a story. Some have “buy me” messages. Others focus on the brand message you want to share with the consumer. However, there is another group of signs that lies in between. These signs use aesthetics to draw attention to your corporate persona. Cases in point are cast metal plaques in Anaheim, CA.

What Are Cast Metal Plaques?

Cast Metal Bronze Plaque in Anaheim CA

In contrast to die-cut or fabricated metal letters or numerals, cast metal focuses on a sign panel’s design and production. These are not stand-alone elements. Instead, the plaques serve as the backdrop for three-dimensional letters that are part of the product. Technicians make it by pouring molten metal into predetermined molds.

Cast Metal Plaques in Orange County CA

We typically use stainless steel, aluminum, or bronze for this process. Moreover, the mold may be a standard geometric shape or follow the outline of your corporate logo. Each metal brings a different look and feel to the finished product. For example, bronze is a traditional material that impresses with its natural yellow shine. In contrast, aluminum is a suitable option for the manufacture of a lightweight plaque for wall mounting.

A Closer Look at Customizable Design Choices

Cast Metal Plaques in Anaheim CA

Once you select the metal for the project and a mold for the product, it is time to pay attention to the customization.

  • Background textures. Your information stands out as 3D letters and symbols. How do you want the background of the plaque to look? Choices include pebbled, sculpted, or leatherette textures. Conversely, you may elect to avoid any background texture.
  • Borders. Most clients order plaques that come with borders. It is rare to put together a project without any type of frame – although it may be an option if you have us re-create a logo. When you do want a border, think about single or double-line structuring, beveled edges, or ornamental displays. Examples of these include ivy leaves or Greek keys.
  • Artwork. Yes, you can request the cast metal equivalent of a photo to be added to the plaque. The individual design elements become raised or flat graphics. These are then painted.
  • Finishes. Do you want to have a polished or brushed finish? One reflects the light while the other one does not. Maybe you would like an oxidized or artificially aged metal display. Some clients ask us to paint their plaques following a corporate palette.

Who Orders Cast Metal Plaques in Anaheim, CA?

Anaheim CA Cast Metal Plaques

Many plaques are historical markers. Examples include portrait plaques, awards, dedications, donor walls, and commemorations. You frequently find these types of products in government offices, corporate settings, or venues where community members congregate. Because plaques are ideal for interior and exterior mounting, you also see them as trail markers, scenic overlook explanations, or flora markers. Museums, arboretums, botanical gardens, and municipalities might order them.

Of course, there is no limit to the locations where you can place the plaques. We can install them with hidden stud mounts, stakes, stone mounts, and various front mounts with artistic mounting rosettes. Due to the versatility of installation locations and the fact that plaques are easy to clean, they are ideal for schools and areas where many people may touch them.

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