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Lunch Box 101 Café Adds 3D Acrylic Letters and Window Graphics in Brea CA!

Located at 60 Pointe Drive, the Lunch Box 101 Café is famous for its gourmet salad dressings and slow-smoked barbecue meat. When the company needed window graphics and 3D acrylic letters in Brea, CA, the restaurant’s management team contacted us.

Signage One-Two Punch Encourages Foot Traffic

3D Acrylic Letters in Brea CA

We began the project with a site survey. Once our technicians took measurements, we started with the design and fabrication of the window graphics. They feature the company’s name and logo as well as information about the menu items. These graphics are excellent marketing tools aimed at the hungry guest in search of a scrumptious meal.

Vinyl Window Lettering in Brea CA

Next, our team focused on dimensional letters. These would go on the exterior wall of the venue. They spell out the company’s name and feature the business’ font along with its custom colors. Our specialists used acrylic to fabricate flat-cut lettering. Because the material is typically transparent, we painted it to create a visual contrast with the installation area.

Finally, our installers flush-mounted the lettering to the building’s façade. There, they appeal to pedestrians and those driving up to the location. The window graphics support the brand message and focus on the prospective guest right in front of the entrance. This one-two punch is a powerful signage combination.

Choosing a Stylish Material for Three-Dimensional Letters

3D Building Letters in Brea CA

Acrylic is an ideal option because of its durability and great looks. It does not crack or warp. Similarly, it is an excellent option for venues near the ocean that experience plenty of sand and salt in the air. That said, acrylic is not your only option.

Many business clients have had excellent success with the use of metal. This material is highly versatile and supports a broad range of display choices. Although brushed aluminum is a favorite among company owners, you might also choose bronze, brass, or stainless steel.

Our technicians can paint the material in any color you like. However, most clients prefer to leave the metal’s color in place. Others seek to heighten the effect of artificial aging. We can accommodate both preferences.

Also, you might consider outdoor-rated sign foam. It is a good selection when you search for a budget-friendly material or need building signage for a relatively short-term lease. Because there are different types of foam available, it is possible to select products with shorter life spans, depending on your needs.

Buying 3D Acrylic Letters in Brea, CA

Vinyl Window Lettering in Brea CA

Are you thinking of buying dimensional letters for your building? We gladly assist you with the design of the product, the selection of the material, and the finish that would be ideally suited to encapsulate your brand message. Besides that, we can also help you choose an installation method that works well at your location.

If you are thinking of taking a page from the playbook of Lunch Box 101 by adding a set of window graphics or a directional sign to the mix, we can help you with this product, too. Contact us today to schedule your design appointment!

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