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One-Stop Guide to Metal Plaques for Orange County CA

Metal plaques combine sophistication with unrivaled durability. It is interesting to note that these products are ideally suited for everyday business applications as well as for highlighting specific events. In this way, the products showcase their versatile character. However, there are different options. Our guide to metal plaques for Orange County, CA, educates business clients on the broad range of available products.

Common and Not So Common Uses for Metal Plaques

Guide to Metal Plaques for Orange County CA

You have seen commemorative plaques. They remind of a historical event in a building’s history. Sometimes, they pinpoint the founding of a company. At other times, they might highlight a dedication. Of course, this is just one use.

  • Honor outstanding employees. If you recognize an employee at the end of a year, consider doing it with a plaque that becomes part of your wall art. Some companies use metal plaques to honor long-time workers and those who run the company.
  • Wayfinding products. Museums, arboretums, and hospitals like to use metal plaques for wayfinding. Administrators do so because they know that many visitors to the location will touch the signage. Therefore, metal is the most durable material for the application.
  • ADA-compliant signage. The Americans with Disabilities Act specifies the design of high-contrast touchable signs that feature Braille II and specific pictographs. Metal brings the good looks to the table that make this signage solution stand out in all the right ways.

Etched or Cast Plaques

Wayfinding Metal Plaques in Orange County CA

Etching is an old process. It allows for precise detail work that lets technicians transfer photographs to metals such as stainless steel, copper, or brass. Choose etched plaques when you have a lot of text, plan on featuring graphics, and overall have plenty of detail work that you need to display.

Typically, the process results in recessed graphics that our technicians fill with paint. It further emphasizes the information you display and makes it easy to read even from a distance. Etching provides you with crisp and clean lines that impress with their detail work.

ADA Metal Plaques Orange County CA

In contrast, cast metal relies on the creation of a mold that technicians then fill with the desired metal. The most common ones are bronze and aluminum. This results in the display of your style elements as raised lettering and images. We can treat the background to augment the good looks of the presentation.

Casting is a good option when you have limited style elements you want to feature. The depth of the design is visually enticing and adds pizzazz and elegance to your venue. Similarly, these products have a timeless quality you will be hard-pressed to imitate with any other material or manufacturing method.

Mounting Options for Plaques

Brass Metal Plaques Orange County CA

Metal plaques are more massive than most signage products you will display at your location. Therefore, it makes sense to think through the installation options before you commit to the wall you want to feature the product on.

  • Stud mounts. In this scenario, we flush-mount the plaque to the wall. We drill holes that connect with the studs underneath the surface for best results. Therefore, the plaque will be safely in place with the support of the beams behind the wall.
  • Top stud mount. In some situations, it can create excellent visuals to use a top stud mount. As long as we can connect with the support beam, it is possible to mount the plaque in this way. We recommend inviting technicians to visit your location for a site survey first.
  • Bracket installation. If you want to be able to move the plaque to a different location, we recommend a bracket setup. It is movable and ensures the safety of a secure wall anchor. However, we can make changes to the site later on if you desire to do so.

Ordering Your Metal Plaques Begins with a Design Consultation

Non-profit metal plaques Orange County CA

If our guide to metal plaques for Orange County, CA, inspired you to take another look at your options, discuss your plans with our experts. We help you select the ideal setup that suits your needs. Contact us today to schedule your design appointment.

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