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The Benefits of Using Exterior Metal Signs for Your Building in Anaheim CA

Is there anything more elegant and durable than metal? In addition, the material encapsulates brand messages that embrace longevity in a niche, commitment to service, and innovation. However, which type of metal sign is right for your company? Here is what you need to know about buying exterior metal signs in Anaheim, CA.

Flat-Cut Metal is Ideal for an Impressive Font and Logo Presentation

Flat Cut Metal Letter Signs in Anaheim CA


When using this manufacturing technique, your sign’s style elements are cut from a sheet of metal. Thicknesses go up to one inch. Full customization of even the most intricate corporate symbols is possible. Another benefit is that you might order signs that are up to 46 inches tall. The most frequently chosen materials include copper, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel. Keep the letters in the original metallic tone or have specialists custom-paint them in your corporate palette.

Cast Metal is More Than Just Plaques

Exterior Metal Signs in Anaheim CA


You already know that cast metal plaques look fantastic and create building signs that last a lifetime. However, there are other uses for cast metal as well. For example, did you know that technicians can also cast letters and even logos? Cast corporate symbols are impressive and look as unique on the building’s façade as they do in a conference room or entryway. Choose from aluminum or bronze for this manufacturing process. If you prefer a different type of metal, consider painting the finished product to take on that material’s look.

Go Big and Bright with Fabricated Metal

Fabricated Metal Exterior Signs in Anaheim CA


For the customer who wants to go big with the display of a corporate persona, there are fabricated metal letters. Envision your company’s name and logo standing up to 120 inches tall. In spite of this sizing option, there is no compromising on the detail work. Specialists can recreate aspects of the display that are as narrow as 3/8 inches. We have worked with business clients who commissioned these types of letters for panel mounting above an entrance, flush-mounts on a façade, or for stud installations standing up or hanging down from an overhang.

Fabricated metal opens the door to featuring signage with built-in illumination. Choose from face or reverse-lit displays. With a depth of up to six inches, these signs could be instrumental in assisting your customers with wayfinding. At the same time, they enhance your brand-building efforts. Many clients choose fabricated metal letters with acrylic inserts for building signage. It is a great way to be seen from long distances away.

By the way, cast metal can also be illuminated. Frequently, these signs present with halo lighting. Of course, you do not have to commit to just one type of LED installation. Often, businesses mix and match their building sign illumination to create a stunning effect.

Investigate the Finer Points of Exterior Metal Signs in Anaheim, CA

Does your current signage display create name recognition? Is it sufficiently different from these signs displayed by the competition that you stand out? If you are unsure, now might be the best time possible to learn more about the design, production, and installation of exterior metal signs. Connect with our experts today to find out what you need to know!



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