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Ways to Use Formed Plastic Building Letters in Anaheim CA!

Which building sign is right for you? Some Anaheim retailers order channel letters or box cabinets. Others have noticed a remarkable increase in formed plastic building letters in Anaheim, CA, malls, strip malls, and business parks. What sets this signage solution apart from others?

Budget-Friendly Building Letters

Illuminated Plastic Building letters in Anaheim CA

If the price tags on metal are discouraging, formed plastic letters provide a fantastic bang for the buck. Not only do they come in a broad range of styles, fonts, and colors, but they are also suitable for outdoor use. Best of all, with a little clever painting from our technicians, we can make these letters look a lot like metal. This is referred to as a chrome finish and is one of the hottest trends for boutiques and similar locales.

Suitable for Outdoor Use

3D Formed Plastic Building Letters in Anaheim CA

Plastic is famous for weathering exceptionally well. Moreover, the material is lightweight, which allows for installation on walls that may not hold heavier products. Furthermore, it is possible to freshen the letters’ look with little more than a coat of paint occasionally.

A Closer Look at the Many Advantages Formed Plastic Letters Offer

Custom font formed plastic building letters in Orange County CA

  • Choose an edge. Do you crave the die-cut look that acrylic or metal letters would bring to the product? With an injection-molded plastic letter, you get that crisp edge. In contrast, a formed plastic letter will have a rounded edge. Both are excellent for installation, but one style might be closer to representing your brand message.
  • Select a size. How big do the letters need to be? Our specialists will gladly visit you for a site survey. It enables us to gauge the speed of traffic, which affects the height of the lettering. Generally speaking, we can design letters between two inches and 48 inches in height.
  • Opt for a color and installation style. Did you know that some formed plastic already features a unique color? If you cannot work with those, we can paint the finished products with your custom colors to suit the brand presentation. Most clients typically request a flush mount to the building’s wall; however, we can also install the letters with standoffs, which give them the illusion of floating just above the substrate.

How to Buy Your Formed Plastic Building Letters in Anaheim, CA

What are formed plastic building letters

We recommend discussing your signage project with our design specialist. At that time, you decide on the font style, upper and/or lower case lettering, the finish, and the color. We can also help you decide on the mounting method that you prefer.

With the addition of LEDs that we hide behind the letters, we can create an illuminated display for you. Frequently, this setup mimics the look of a custom box cabinet. Our clients appreciate the opportunity to match the presentation of a corporate symbol to the lettering display style.

Most importantly, we can also help you design a letter style if you are unsure how to proceed. The same goes for companies that are currently rebranding and need help selecting a different color play or font style. Connect with us today to get the ball rolling on this project!

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