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Where Can I Buy Gemini Precision-Tooled Metal Plaques and What Options Do They Come With?

DF Signs & Graphics is your source of Gemini precision-tooled metal plaques in Anaheim, CA. We routinely work with members of the business community who need durable plaques suitable for indoor or outdoor displays. When selecting your product, what are the options?

Material Choices

Precision-tooled metal plaques in Orange County CA

There is more to customizing your plaque than merely selecting a font, lettering size, and symbol. You also want your brand to shine through the material option. These plaques come in brass, bronze, and aluminum. Each material is lead-free and suitable for precision tooling.

Measurements Support Larger and Smaller Products

Gemini Precision-Tooled Metal Plaques in Anaheim CA

Your material choice frequently informs the selection of the metal’s thickness. For example, most plaques range from 1/8 of an inch to 5/16 of an inch. When you want to go for the product’s overall size, consider a plaque measuring up to 40 inches by 84 inches, which we can produce as a single piece. If you need a thicker product, we can typically accommodate your request. Some business clients require these types of plaques to allow for two-sided displays.

Optional Border Selections Underscore Style Choices

Metal plaques and Finishes in Anaheim CA

You do not have to select a border style. That said, most clients prefer to feature one that helps make the lettering and symbol display stand out more. Bevels are among the most popular choices. Choose from single or double line bevels. Besides that, pick the width of the bevel display. If you have something customized in mind, we can accommodate you. Examples might include Greek keys, laurels, or corporate symbols.

The Right Background Texture and Color Let Your Message Shine

Metal Plaques in Fullerton CA

Just as important as the material selection itself, there is the question of the texture. Choosing no texture is a possibility that few clients opt for. Instead, they typically select sand, leatherette, and stippled surfaces. They are not so large as to draw attention but scatter enough light to make the 3D elements stand out more.

The choice of colors is just as impressive. Typical options include black, dark oxide, brown, duranodic bronze, and a host of colors, including matches for your corporate tones. Of course, if you are a purist, you might keep the metal in its original color for the backdrop. Adding a clear coat will show off the tone even more. Options range from matte to gloss.

Add Finishing Touches

Examples of metal plaques

Are you looking for ways to boost the great look of the finished product? Add painted corners that turn your message into a work of art. Draw more attention to the lettering by having our technicians paint them. If you choose a screw mount for the product, why not cover the hardware heads with attractive rosettes?

DF Signs & Graphics Helps You Buy Gemini Precision-Tooled Metal Plaques in Anaheim, CA

We work with members of business communities in and around Orange County and Los Angeles County. From there, we expand our service footprint to include all of Southern California. Call us today by dialing (562) 760-3161 or email us at info@dfsigns.com to learn more about plaques.

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