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Where to Buy Gemini Room ID Signs in Anaheim CA

Spoiler alert: Our sign shop is a primary go-to seller for high-quality room ID signs in Anaheim, CA. Who is currently ordering these long-lasting signage products? Most importantly, what does customization look like? Your Gemini room ID questions – answered.

Q: Who buys Gemini room ID signs?

Room ID Signs in Anaheim CA


A: We frequently work with property management companies and developers. These professionals seek to create a specific backdrop – particularly for class “A” office buildings. As a result, they request a set of suite ID signs that display the appropriate numerals and leave space for the tenant’s corporate identity. That said, we also get quite a few requests from company owners who want to outfit their suites with elegant signage that carries brand-focused connotations.

Q: Which metal is right for your ID signage needs?

Gemini Room ID Name Plates in Anaheim CA


A: Metal is among the most durable materials currently on the market. Therefore, our clients pay close attention to the material’s overall appearance so that it will fit in with current and future interior designs. Among the most popular options are aluminum and brass. In the alternative, you might also pick copper or stainless steel.

Q: What are the advantages of etched room ID signs?

Etched Room ID Signs in Anaheim CA


A: Etching results in the recessed display of letters and numerals. You might choose to have us fill the grooves with custom colors or with white paint for a frosted look. These signs are easy to read from a distance away and look sharp. The crisp edges of the letters stand out.

Q: Is it possible to meet ADA standards with embossed ID labels?

Gemini Room ID ADA Signs


A: As you know, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires there to be a high-contrast color play as well as raised lettering that is suitable for touch reading. Moreover, any lettering has to be followed by Braille II dots. Embossing is a manufacturing process that lets the letters stand out from the background. Technicians can ensure that the room IDs meet the requirements of the ADA through proper sizing of the depth.

Q: How do Gemini room signs fit in with already existing signage displays?

A: You may already have a lobby sign in place. Some venues have extensive wayfinding signs and ADA-compliant products on site. What sets Gemini room ID signs apart from other signage options is the ease with which the metal fits in perfectly with the overall look and feel of the location. Technicians will treat the metal to fit in seamlessly or stand out and support other eye-catching signs you may have.

Q: How do customers order room ID signs in Anaheim, CA?

A: Connect with our sign shop. Our specialists help you design the products and walk you through details such as ADA design options and integration into your current interior décor. If you have been thinking about upgrading other signage to focus on the beauty of metal as part of your brand message, we can assist you with this aspect of the project, too.

Call us today to schedule a design appointment and find out how the installation of the metal IDs will change the ambiance of your space!




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