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Where to Find the Best Interior Directory Signs in Orange County CA

Orange County’s office rental market is hot. Similarly, office buildings sell quickly. These developments highlight that more and more companies are either relocating to the OC or moving out of second bedrooms into an initial starter office. One of the most critical steps that management companies and building owners can take is the installation of interior directory signs in Orange County, CA.

Why Use Directories?

Interior Directory Signs in Orange County CA

The directory replaces the concierge desk. In the past, a building receptionist would direct customers and clients to the right floor. Today, these positions do not exist any longer. In their places are the directory signs. A building with a good-quality directory makes wayfinding easy for first-time visitors. Similarly, the directory is always up to date, which prevents the displays of tenant names that may no longer do business at a location.

Which Directory Signs Work the Best?

Directory Signs | Orange County | LA County | Southern CA

Your location determines the selection of the ideal directory sign. For example, if you operate a hospital, your directory should feature information about the various floors as well as secondary buildings and how to access them. Of course, not every office building needs this much information.

  • Name office occupants. If your department has several professionals working out of the location, identify them by name and office number. It is an excellent option for a firm that takes up multiple floors. Examples include architects and builders.
  • Identify departments, names, and room numbers. You frequently see these signage products near the entrances to college and university buildings. They outline the departments that work out of a specific location. Similarly, the directory gives room numbers and might break down other services as well.
  • Add arrows to help with office locations. When different companies do business on one floor, add arrows to the directory. Place it near a central location, such as the elevators, which gives customers a chance to orient themselves. Rather than walking through hallways looking for room numbers, they can follow the arrows to the right location.

When to Display Freestanding Directory Signs

Building Directory Signs Orange County CA

Among some of the best directories are the freestanding products that feature information on two, three, or four sides. They are good options when your lobby receives an extraordinary amount of foot traffic. Rather than creating a bottleneck near the elevators, let people walk around the directory to a free spot. This keeps foot traffic moving and makes it easier on visitors to get the information they need quickly.

How to Order the Best Interior Directory Signs in Orange County, CA

Directory Signs for Buildings

The best directories are those that we customize for your individual needs. What fits into an Irvine office building may not be a good option for a Buena Park structure. We recommend evaluating the overall atmosphere of your building and then adapting the sign to support it. For example, a building with few occupants will do well with a larger, elegant display whereas one that hosts numerous department offices should focus on functionality first.

No matter what option you select, removable tenant panels are always an excellent idea. They ensure that you can advertise available office space as well as the current tenants at the venue. Learn more about your options today by contacting our team.

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