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Why Is Cloud Signage All the Rage in Anaheim CA?

If you have been driving around the area, you know that cloud signage in Anaheim, CA, is quickly becoming a trend. How is a cloud sign different from a channel letter display? Is it a good option for your business? Your cloud signage questions – answered!

What Differentiates a Cloud Sign from a Channel Letter Sign?

Illuminated Cloud Signage in Anaheim CA

Cloud signage design is an innovation. It is fair to say that it is the next generation of the channel letter. As you know, the latter consists of individual aluminum bodies that feature polycarbonate or acrylic fronts. However, a cloud sign displays all the lettering as a continuous design. It does not have the separation between the individual style elements. In fact, many cloud signs incorporate the symbol or logo as part of the blueprint.

Advantages of Cloud Signage for Your Façade

Cloud Signs in Anaheim CA

Why do more and more business owners prefer the cloud design to the standard channel letter presentation?

  • Size. Cloud signs can be as big as you need them to be for motorists driving past your location to notice the information. Because of the overall combination of elements, the sign always looks proportional.
  • 3D construction. Dimensional standouts get attention. This is the reason why dimensional letters work so well. With the cloud sign, you also get the 3D design, but you can control how far it juts out from the wall.
  • Built-in illumination. Just as is the case with a lightbox cabinet, the cloud sign offers internal lighting. DF Signs & Graphics specialists recommend using LEDs, which are inexpensive to operate and allow for brilliant illumination.
  • Aesthetic. If you love the idea of a 3D design with built-in illumination but have had your reservations about the metallic sides of individual channel letters, the cloud sign offers the best of both worlds. Constructed without spaces from the base material, there are no returns that show off metal where you do not want to see it.

By the way, these signs are great for the company owner who likes to give the nod to stylized forms of cursive writing without making the product difficult to read.

How to Buy Cloud Signage in Anaheim, CA

Cloud Signs in Orange County CA

DF Signs & Graphics is at the forefront of designing, fabricating, and installing cloud signage in SoCal. Our technicians will meet with you and help you determine how to translate your corporate persona into a cloud sign design. For most businesses, this will be surprisingly simple.

There are already national brands that have embraced this signage display versus the more traditional channel letter design. Moreover, you will notice how these signage presentations make a significant difference in how consumers recognize brands.

We recommend inviting our team to your location for a site survey. There, we take measurements and make recommendations regarding the sizing of the signage. Furthermore, we focus our attention on the installation method that will be best for your façade. We also handle the permitting process for the business owner who is ready to make the switch.

DF Signs & Graphics serves the business communities in and around SoCal, including the counties of Los Angeles and Orange. Reach out to us today to schedule your design appointment!

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